Policy Statement

Introductory Notes:   

Motto : “ Verum ad te semper” – Be true to yourself always


  1. Newbridge Youth Training and Development Centre  operates as a coeducational training centre under the auspice of Kildare Wicklow Educational Training and Board

  2. The Campus is administered by a Board of Management and is guided by the CTC Charter, policies and procedures published by the Department of Education and Skills relating to second level educational and training facilities.

  3. With regard to Policy development and the Planning process, Newbridge Youth Training and Development Centre recognises its responsibilities to the KWETB, Solas, the CTC Framework, the National Legislative framework and the Department of Education and Skills.

  4. Centre Policies may be viewed on the campus website: www.newbridgeytdc.ie. A hard copy of any policy is available on request from the Centre manager

  5. A core group of policy documents are formally reviewed on an annual basis by the Board of Management in consultation with the Staff and where applicable learners. All policies are subject to an ongoing review process.

  6. Mission Statement  
  7. Newbridge Youth Training and Development Centre under the direction of the Board of Management, strives to create a caring, supportive and inclusive environment, providing education and training opportunities and supporting the development of all the people involved in the centre.

  8. Vision Statement
  9. The promotion of personal, social and educational development in a holistic teaching and learning environment.


  • Age 16 - 21
  • No formal education required
  • A willingness to learn.

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  1. Contact and visit our centre
  2. Register with D.E.A.S.P.
  3. Interview
  4. Acceptance and pre-registration
  5. Induction
  6. Commencement in May and October